AquaGym Aquatic treadmill

Aquatherapy in an underwater treadmill or custom therapy pool uses the natural properties of water, or the principles of relative density, buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, surface tension, viscosity and resistance to achieve its therapeutic benefits in a safe environment. Exercising in water can help reduce fatigue and pressure on joints, soothe aches, and help with balance. It can also improve mobility and flexibility, allowing patients to recover from surgery or an injury quicker, and experience greater quality of life and well-being.


   Provides resistance throughout the range of motion with 360 degree of resistance for all movements, providing a closed chain, hydrokinetic exercise 

  Adjustable water depths for controlled weight-bearing exercises with less impact and stress on joints 

  Higher outcomes with workouts in half the time as land based workouts 

  Effective exercise for fitness, training and conditioning

  Adjustable treadmill speeds allow for more rigorous workouts

  Larger tank and doorway makes it ideal for athletes and bariatric patients

  Gait and range of motion can be monitored through viewing windows

  Multiple depth provide controlled buoyancy

   Warm water and buoyancy help relax muscles, reduce muscle stress and decrease impact on joints

  Cold water pools reduce swelling and increase blood flow.

  Proxima AQUAGYM is developed for multiple industries and home use. Ideal for athletes, sport teams, fitness centers and rehabilitation this underwater     treadmill system helps you to quickly achieve physical fitness, increase endurance, and recover faster from injury. Proxima AQUAGYM Systems are     exceptional tools that utilize the benefits of exercising in water offering lower impact with higher resistance. 

  The Proxima AQUAGYM treadmill are designed for the ultimate in hydrotherapy and fitness, boasting a larger exercise chamber for a wider variety of      fitness opportunities, especially accommodating for performance athletes and arthritic or bariatric patients. Both systems offer variable speeds and           flexible water depths for weight loss, faster recovery, optimal training and conditioning, and rehabilitation from injury. 

  Water is over 700 times as dense as air so a 30 minute workout in water is equal to a 60 minute workout on land

AquaGym Aquatic treadmill

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